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Rumored for quite a few years, the BMW X2 just made its debut at the 2016 Paris Motor Show. Although just a concept for now, the X2 is not overly wild for a show car and previews the company’s third coupe-like crossover.

Described as a vehicle for "active people looking for a combination of enjoyment and practicality," the X2 concept looks like a mash up between the X1 and X4, but seasoned with a number of conceptual styling cues that will find their way on the production car in a more toned-down form. Although part of the same family that includes the X4 and X6, the X2 isn’t as sleek as it bigger cousins. The roof line is closer to those of the X1 and X3, missing the familiar hump of the X4.

On the flipside, the glasshouse is lower, while the tailgate is significantly smaller compared to the rest of the rear fascia. This gives the small crossover a more imposing look, as do the massive grille and bumper at the front. Speaking of the latter, it houses two big side vents and a wide center intake that remind of M-spec Bimmers. Onto the sides, the X2 showcases large wheels, gray wheel arch and side skirt inserts, slender mirrors. The window surrounds are made from brushed aluminum instead of the usual chrome or black trim. Another notable feature is the rear diffuser, which features two big exhaust outlets at each corner.

Other than that, the X2 remains true to BMW’s current styling language for crossovers, highlighted by the two-box design, short overhangs, and heavily forward-slanting C-pillar. The trademark Hofmeister Kink is also present. Naturally, the production model will drop the exaggerated wheels, grille, and bumpers and will adopt larger windows, but for the most part this concept is a good preview of things to come.

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Why it matters

BMW has finally confirmed what we suspected for a very long time. Pretty soon, the company’s SUV lineup will include all nameplates from X1 to X6, with a larger X7 to join the family in a couple of years. It’s too early to talk about the production model, but the concept looks better that expected, mostly because it lacks the annoying hump of the X4 and X6 models. Sure, beauty is always in the eye of the beholder and other might not agree, but I think that this concept car will inspire one of the most appealing vehicles BMW has released in recent years.

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