BMW traditionalists, allow me to direct you to that magical “x” in the top-right corner of your browsers, as reports indicate that the BMW X2 will arrive in late-2017, according to sources within BMW.

That’s right, this front-wheel-drive tiny crossover with a sloped rear hatch, like the BMW X4 and X6, will soon be a reality. The launch will start with the U.K. in 2017 and we’ll likely get our taste of this questionable crossover around the same time.

Because it’ll share its platform with the 2016 BMW X1, look for the 2017 BMW X2 to carry the same line of engines as its more useful sibling. This lineup will include am array of four-cylinder engines and a three-cylinder economy engine. I have my doubts that the three-cylinder will get any play here in the U.S.

The silver lining of the X2 is a reported M Performance model, which will use the new B48 engine. BMW will tweak the 228-horsepower B48 to somewhere around 300 horsepower, allowing it to compete with the 2015 Audi RS Q3 and the 2015 Mercedes GLA45 AMG.

Transmission choices will come in the form of either a six-speed manual or an eight-speed auto, with the former likely not being an option in the U.S. Buyers will of course be able to fit the X2 with xDrive all-wheel drive if front-wheel drive doesn’t satisfy their needs.

Look for the X2 to make its conceptual debut in 2016, possibly at the Geneva show. With this debut so close, I wouldn’t be surprised to see more leaks like this make their way to the media.

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Why it matters

I am starting to wonder if BMW and Mercedes are in a battle to see who can create the vehicle that fits the narrowest niche. With nearly every passing year, one, the other, or both are releasing some new car that seems like it shouldn’t sell in any bulk. However, buyers still flock to buy these hyper-niche vehicles in droves. Clearly, BMW and Mercedes know something about the luxury market that I do not, but the X2 just seems like overkill to me…

2017 BMW X2

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