If you’re trying to make some sense of BMW, you’re going to be at it for awhile. The German automaker has been creating cars that are a bit puzzling to the common person, like the X6 or the 5-Series GT. Yet, nothing quite says insane like the new X3 M and pretty soon, there will be a new version based on the F25 X3.

When we take a closer look at the line of BMW SUVs, it makes the most sense to use the X3, rather than the X5. The small SUV only weighs 3971 pounds, far less than the much larger X5. That means that the X3 should stop, corner, and accelerate much better, not to mention it should get better fuel economy as well. In the world of the power to weight ratio, the X3 M takes the cake.

Powering the newest M machine will likely be the N55 turbocharged six-cylinder. If you’ve been paying attention to the automotive world as of late, you will have realized that the N55 is the same motor that is being used for the new M3. Not to mention that motor is already being used in the X3. The motor will be attached to a six-speed automatic transmission.

Once the X3 M is on the road, we would expect it to be able to hit 60 miles per hour in just five or six seconds. The motor will likely produce around 420 horsepower, which is good enough. After all, BMW can’t give the X3 M more power than the X5. The corners will be where the car outperforms its bigger rivals though. It’s lower to the ground, smaller, and will have fat tires.

Some might say that this sort of machine makes no sense whatsoever. We say that BMW can make whatever they want, and a high-performance X3 sounds good to us.


Source: Bimmerboost

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