In an interview with the publication Auto Motor Und Sport, Ludwig Willisch from the BMW’s M group revealed the future of the tuner division. It seems that the M division is in demand because Willisch spoke more about what the company was not going to produce more than current projects.

First there will not be a M3-Touring sedan, M3 coupe CSL, 7-series M car, or a rebirth of the M1 supercar. The Z4 will likely not be touched by the magic M hand also. At least they know where there time is better spent, because the M-division will not be working with any BMW diesels as well.

The future M models will all be turbocharged with output bigger than the normal models. The BMW M-division is currently working on M-versions of the BMW X6 and X5. They are expecting sales figures in the area of the M5-models. Willisch also says indirectly that these cars will feature a turbocharged V8-engine and, not a surprise, all-wheel-drive.


Source: BMW Blog

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BMWM6  (488) posted on 07.29.2008

Time to renew my x5 and trade it in for this x5

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