• BMW X5 look-alike banned in Germany

Chinese cars are cheap to buy, and some don’t have a good reputation for being safe or hot cakes in developed markets. Above all that, the majority resemble BMW’s, Audi’s and Mercedes’ designs.

Glance at the car pictured above. If I were to strip off its badge and park it alongside a previous generation BMW X5, would you be able to tell them apart? I’m very optimistic that you wouldn’t. One can argue that cars today are somewhat similarly designed, headlamps, tail lamps, and quarter glass panels are carried over from one model to another, but definitely not entire cars.

BMW had taken legal action against Shuanghuan by filing a case in a German court in September last year, for making the CEO (Pictured) based on their X5 SUV. The case now has come to an end, BMW emerging victorious in the battle, as the court ruled that Shuanghuan’s CEO infringes BMW’s design rights.

Furthermore, the court announced that Shuanghuan is banned from selling their CEO in Germany.

But Managing Director Karl Schloessl is not happy about the verdict. He complains that the CEO is an entirely different car compared to the X5. He plans to fight again by appealing against the court’s decision.

’It is a one-sided judgment, but of course it was made in Munich. It’s a BMW city," expressed the unhappy director on the court’s verdict.


Source: Auto News

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  (814) posted on 10.11.2010

They better banned the "look-alike" don’t spoil the place.

  (1022) posted on 07.2.2008

And as for my name. My friends call me that because they say I have all the subtlety of a machine gun. AK for short because it is one of the most reliable guns ever built.

As for being a Brit, I would either be a British or an English. Brit is not the proper term.

  (1022) posted on 07.2.2008

To timdog595, Iam happy to quote examples. Like- the Z06 which is still quite capable of beating Germans elite. The Lexus brand, one of the best selling luxury brands in history. As for performance, you might have heard of the GT-R which has defined the meaning of supercar since the R32 came out. Best bang for buck? That would be the EVOs and Subarus. Iam not saying that German brands aren’t any good- I have nothing but respect for Audi’s and Porches racing history- but I do believe in giving credit where credit is due much as I myself hate muscle cars.

As for kung fu, Iam not gonna lie and say that I am a martial arts expert but I doubt you will feel the way you do if you saw a kung fu performance in real life. I do not believe that any art is better or worse than any other but the fact remains that despite the fact few people study it, kung fu is still the most popular. Bruce Lee described karate as stick that hurts while kung fu is like a steel weight at the end of a chain that hurts on the inside. It would be wise to remember that he is considered to be the ultimate martial artist and performed feats that no martial artist could match, whether on screen or in real life. Example, kicking a world Karate champion so hard that he flew several feet back and broke the arm of another behind him. This champion by the way claimed the kung fu kicks were weak and he could take any one of Bruce Lee’s kicks without moving an inch.

  (68) posted on 07.1.2008

TO626N you are too nice. when im mad or frustrated about something, i just give in to my emotions and say whats in my mind hence the racism. i do agree with you your point on chinese products.
as for you AK47, yeah i know their kung-fu is great, but i believe i can handle myself against them. i’ve been in the SF far too long and trained too hard with jujitsu to get beat by some kung fu that only works on tv.
you said "mate", are you a brit? if so im just wondering why your nickname is AK47 instead of something more british...oh, and since when did the germans get beat by crappy american cars? i admit sometimes, but not often, they do get beat by japanese cars.

  (47) posted on 07.1.2008

Whoops, sorry AK47 my comment was for timdog... my mistake.

  (47) posted on 07.1.2008

AK47, Well good for you, don’t buy the car. In fact I have no doubt that thousands of people including myself share that opinion. However there are no need for racist comments on TopSpeed.

  (520) posted on 07.1.2008

the only think for what they should ban that car is for not being safe. so what if this car looks like an X5, there are a lot of cars out there that look like other cars. i think that when you buy a car you think about how much money do you want to spend, about the car maker you want to chose, the options it has, the design and the performance. so i don’t know why "the mighty" BMW feels threaten by a "tiny" Chinese car maker!

  (1022) posted on 07.1.2008

And don’t take this the wrong way but I wouldn’t advise you to go around insulting Chinese people outside of the internet. Not if you like looking in the mirror anyway. Their cars may be crap but their kung fu is original.

  (1022) posted on 07.1.2008

Mate, I use it everyday for a good half hour and it has held up so far. Yeah, I wouldn’t buy a Chinese car but to say that other Chinese products are crap is simply not fair.The only place where I see the Chinese failing is the automotive area. Their electronic equipment may be cheaper but they do last as long and work as well as other brands. The people who usually say it doesn’t work just feel foolish for having paid more for something that does the same job.

As for cars, even the Germans screw up and are beaten by the Japanese and the Americans on many a occasion.

  (68) posted on 07.1.2008

ak47 that’s because you don’t really use your nanchaku everyday now do you? try using it everyday and see how long it lasts.
and TO626N if the chinks don’t like what i call them, they could always sue me for it. i’ll be here waiting for them.

  (47) posted on 06.30.2008

timdog, I agree that Chinese automakers need to stop blatantly stealing designs from other automakers, but that was just a smidge bit offensive.

  (1022) posted on 06.30.2008

My nanchaku is chinese made and working pretty well for me.

  (68) posted on 06.30.2008

DAMN CHINKS! i hope the world just stops buying chinese products since its true, no product, not a single one that is made by a chinese company, ever has any good quality with it. so be smart and don’t buy cheap chinese (or chink) products!i hope they ban their CEO cars worldwide for safety reasons and for being the king of copycats!

  (50) posted on 06.30.2008

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