Bmw X5 M not coming, X5 Sport Edition to be launched

2007 BMW X5 M Sport Package
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BMW X5 M Sport Package’s true! According to Bimmerfile, a website for Bmw enthusiast, the X5 will not feature a M version and this for sure is not going to happen in the future. Although spy photos of the vehicle ,which was believed to be the M version of the Bmw X5, were taken on the Nurburgring race track it looks llike that was only the sport edition of the SUV featuring the 4.8 V8 engine.

Using the same power plant as the Bmw X6, the engine of the sport edition will develop 407hp which while the top speed is going to be limited at 250 km/h. The technical specifications of the new sport edition were not yet revealed but, according to the rumors the new car will be able to sprint from 0-100 km/h in less than 6 seconds.

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SpikeX5  (60) posted on 04.12.2008

Damn! I was really looking to this, I was gone trade in my 02 x5 for the M-x5 for sure "putting a pit of down payment"

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