The SUV with the feel of a 7 series.

BMW X5, an SUV with extras, this car is the top of the range SUV

BMW X5 makes its debut at the Los Angeles International Auto Show.

This BMW should be classed as a super sports utility vehicle, it has all the features of the run of the mill sport utility vehicle but this one has all the refinements of the 7 series BMW, which as you can imagine puts it head and shoulders above the rest.

Its no wonder that BMW have chosen to use the Los Angeles International Auto Show as a launch pad to show the world the BMW X5 for the first time, this is truly the top of the range SUV and the other car makers will need to pull out all the stops to beat it.

BMW have furnished the interior with almost every conceivable extra imaginable and has been increased in length by eight inches, which may not sound a lot but when you look at the interior of a car it can make quite a difference, especially for taller drivers and passengers.

The state of the art equipment includes a music system that allows an ipod to be connected to it or your mp3 player.

The X5 is powered by either the 4.8i V8 or 3.0 straight six, the V8 will get you to sixty miles an hour in only 6.4 seconds, not bad for an SUV!

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  (6023) posted on 12.2.2006

i just put a deposit on a 4.8 X5 today. At age 40 this is my largest auto purchase to date, and can’t wait for delivery in a couple of weeks. Also can’t wait to see what Dinan can do for it in the near future to get 0-60 in the 5s.

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