Well, here’s an unexpected match-up. And wouldn’t you know it, behind the camera is our favorite YouTube supercar lifestyle journalist, the eternally affable Shmee150.

This time, he’s bringing us the goods from The New Coalinga Municipal Airport in Coalinga, California, for a half-mile, side-by-side drag race to find top trap speeds and the limits of acceleration. It’s called Airstrip Attack Seven, and it’s brought to you by racing organizer Shift-S3ctor. Amateurs and pros alike come out for the event, which makes for some very interesting racing down the airplane-free landing strip.

Testament to this statement, we find an Italian supercar lining up with a high-powered German SUV. Both come bearing heavy sporting intent, but the philosophies behind each couldn’t be more different. The 458 uses low weight, high revs, and a slippery profile to achieve its speed, while the Bimmer is all about brute, unstoppable force to shove its way down the track. Further complicating matters, both vehicles have been modified, with the Ferrari packing a reported 630 horsepower, and the BMW bringing 650 horsepower to the party.

There are no timing lights, no staging, just hands up, hands down, and go. The video shows the race from two different angles, which is a good way to analyze how both these machines handle this test of straight-line speed.

For those readers who enjoy a little sport, place your bets in the comments prior to hitting play.

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2015 BMW X6 M High Resolution Exterior
- image 575073

If the 458 is a scalpel, the X6 M is a sledgehammer. This all-wheel-drive behemoth warps physics with a twin-turbocharged V-8 that puts down 567 horsepower and 553 pound-feet of torque from the factory. An extra 83 horsepower has been tuned under the hood, which will decrease the stock four-second 0-to-60 time.

Although undemonstrated in this particular video, the X6 M can also turn and stop far better than its 5,158 pound curb weight may suggest, mostly due to a firm suspension setup that integrates Active Roll Stabilization and Dynamic Damper Control, not to mention six-piston calipers up front, single-piston calipers in the rear, and a gargantuan contact patch.

Ferrari 458 Spider

2012 Ferrari 458 Italia Spider High Resolution Exterior
- image 418718

It’s been said time and again, but it deserves repeating: the 458 is simply beautifully designed. If this competition were based on looks alone, the Italian-knockout would have nothing to sweat about. Luckily, this is a test of speed, not aesthetics.

Behind the Ferrari’s pilot, you’ll find a 4.5-liter V-8 that absolutely screams, with 570 horsepower at the 9,000 rpm redline, and 400 pound-feet of torque at 6,000 rpm. It’s also rear-wheel drive, which gives it a disadvantage coming off the line on the dirty runway. However, the 458 is significantly lighter, with a literal ton less weight to drive, registering on the scales at a paltry 3,153 pounds. Also, while this particular Ferrari doesn’t quite match the 650 horsepower of its X6 M rival, it’s still got a little extra over a stocker, with a stated 630 horsepower, which is an improvement of 60 horses. But will it be enough to eclipse the mighty X6 M?

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