We’re not a big fan of the looks of the BMW X6. The high center of gravity of an SUV combined with the roominess of a sedan just seems like taking the worst of both ideas. But regardless of the looks, its still a BMW. This means of all the crossover vehicles, this will is one of the sportiest.

BMW X6 White Shark by MC Chip
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Tuner MC Chip seems to agree. It’s focused its attention on making the X6 a better all-around performer with engine and handling upgrades. The BMW X6 White Shark takes the 3.0-liter turbo engine and upgrades it to 340 hp (up from 286 hp). The X6 White Shark comes with a set of H&R lowering springs that lower the ride height by 40/30 mm. Also MC Chip will paint the X6’s standard 20-inch wheels black. The price for the BMW X6 White Shark power boost software is $1,160, the lowering kit, plus the optics pack, costs $1,730.


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