If you’re a fan of BMW, you surely know about the M1 that was built in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Finding a rare M1 would be rather exciting, but what about a 1989 - 1991 BMW Z1 roadster? Some of you might be thinking: “what is a Z1 roadster?” Well, don’t feel bad if this little piece of BMW history has slipped your memory, because only 8,000 of them were built. So, that means you’ll probably never see one unless you’re one of those lucky people that find one tucked away in a barn right? Wrong. There is a 1990 BMW Z1 listed on Ebay right now, and its starting bid is only $9,000.

According to the listing, the car drives well. The engine runs good, and the manual transmission shifts smoothly. There is a need for a little body work, though, but that is to be expected for a Z1 that hasn’t been a garage queen. The rare sliding door system does need to overhauled as well. In the end, this is a good find for the BMW enthusiast that would like an easy restoration project. Even if it isn’t something you’re interested in, the Ebay listing is at least worth a look – it’s not very often you see a Z1, let alone one that is for sale. The car is listed as having only two owners, wasn’t available in the U.S. and was sold for $65,000 when new.

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Why it matters

I’m shocked to see this Z1 up for sale with a starting bid of only $9,000. The coolest part about the Z1, aside from the sliding doors, are the removable body panels. Back when the car was new, owners could purchase body panel kits that allowed them to change the entire color of the car in less than an hour (according to the manual anyway.) If I didn’t have enough project vehicles sitting in my garage, I would be placing a bid on this Z1 right now.


1989 - 1991 BMW Z1 Exterior
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