Last month Lamborghini reminded us all that the Estoque was just a concept, and now it’s BMW’s turn to disappoint. According to a source inside BMW, the little Z2 roadster is just a figment of the media’s imagination.

A source inside the company told iMotor, "Everyone in the motoring media seems to be talking about this car but it’s not on my product plan and that lists the forthcoming models for the next 10 years." The source further explained that he had not even heard internal rumors about a little brother for the Z4.

We like the new Z4, but something smaller, lighter and cheaper had us hopeful for a car that would deliver the performance of the Mazda MX-5 without the emasculating stigma. While we understand that the Z2 would cannibalize the sales of the 1-Series convertible, we still are hoping that BMW is just playing a bad April Fools joke on us.


Source: imotormag

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