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    BMW Z4 The Z4 Series undergoes its first major evolution. Heading its extensive list of updates and improvements are all-new, more powerful engines; 6-speed manual and automatic transmissions across the board; more powerful brakes, standard 17-in. wheels and tires now on both models, and a more advanced Dynamic Stability Control system.
  • BMW Z4 the Z4 Series consists of two Roadster models, but even their names have changed: Z4 Roadster 3.0i, replacing the former 2.5i model and base-priced at $36,295 including destination charge; and the Z4 Roadster 3.0si, replacing the former 3.0i model and priced at $42,795.
  • BMW Z4 BMW’s inline 6-cylinder engines are brilliant for their smoothness and sound, and BMW customers as well as professional auto critics have come to treasure them for these attributes.
  • BMW Z4 The new engine’s “redline” is 7000 rpm, vs. 6500 for the predecessor.
  • BMW Z4 Instead of the previous strategy of a 2.5- and 3.0-liter engines in the two BMW Z4 models, both new models use a 3.0-liter N52, equipped and calibrated to provide two levels of performance: Z4 3.0i - 215 hp @ 6250 rpm, 185 lb-ft. torque @ 2750 rpm and Z4 3.0si - 255 hp @ 6600 rpm, 220 lb-ft. torque @ 2750 rpm.
  • BMW Z4 The Valvetronic mechanism sits atop the intake valves. Each of the engine’s 24 valves is actuated as the camshaft lobe deflects a finger-type rocker arm. (This is new; the previous engine has bucket-type hydraulic valve lifters.)
  • BMW Z4 High valve lift contributes to high power output. With conventional valvegear, there’s a limit to how high valve lift can go without degrading low-speed operation. With Valvetronic, lift is tailored precisely to all operating conditions, and is extra-high at the top end. The 3.0si engine’s power peak (255 hp) comes at 6600 rpm, vs. 5900 rpm before.
  • BMW Z4 The previous Z4 2.5i had a 5-speed manual transmission, the 3.0i model a 6-speed. For ’06, both models (3.0i and 3.0si) come standard with a 6-speed.
  • BMW Z4 Uniquely among BMWs, Z4 steering is assisted by an electric servo motor instead of a conventional hydraulic pump.
  • BMW Z4 Design and materials refinements add quality and visual appeal. As before, the Z4 Roadster’s cockpit features contemporary design and materials. It hasn’t changed fundamentally for ’06, but gets several refinements that enhance its quality and visual appeal.
  • BMW Z4 This finest Z4 treatment has special leather stitching, and adds leather to the windshield frame, sun visors and doors. Trim on the shift paddles, shift knob, gearshift-boot surround, door pulls and rollbar cladding is also upgraded. This interior is available in Black, Beige, Dream Red and new Saddle Brown.
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