BMW Tuner and Sport Car Racing Team, TC Kline Racing Inc. has finished to develop the Carbon Roadster, the first complete car offered by the company. The Carbon Roadster is a focused ultra high performance sports car based on the already excellent dynamics of the BMW Z4. TC Kline’s passionate adherence to the fundamental principals of light weight and dynamic performance has resulted is a true sports car.

The Carbon Roadster weights 2,680 lbs., has 346 hp and corners with 1.06G grip. Take a minute to soak that in. The CR weighs 150 lbs. less than a Honda S2000, has the HP of a Porsche 911, and has wider wheels and tires than a Ferrari F430. Incredibly, the CR weighs 700 lbs. less than a BMW M3 while maintaining the same power.

The Body: The entire skin of the CR is manufactured from Carbon Fiber Composites. The changes to the Z4 bodywork are a direct result of the application of the principals of "form follows function". Walk around the CR and you will not find any body lines which do not serve as an extension of function. The Carbon Roadster body work incorporates aerodynamic performance enhancements with a front air dam, front wheel house vents, side skirts, and rear diffusers. The body also has all four fenders flared I" to accommodate wider wheels and tires. The use of carbon composites to make the body reduces the weight of the CR tremendously while maintaining a strong durable skin.

Interior: TC Kline has contracted with Recaro to produce a one piece shell performance seat specifically for the CR upholstered in Alcantera and Leather. These light weight performance seats feature cutouts for a driver harness and will have exceptional support while maintaining excellent driver comfort. These Recaro/TC Kline seats are similar to those found in the E46 BMW M3 CSL or the Porsche Carrera GT.

The Drive Train: On the 25th of October, 2005, BMW AG introduced the Z4 M Roadster. The Z4 M Roadster incorporates the E46 M3 Drive train. The TC Kline CR is based on that car and shares its 3.2 liter motor, 6 Speed Transmission and M Lock Differential. TC Kline upgrades the drive train with an Aluminum flywheel for quicker throttle response, improved acceleration and lighter weight. TC Kline has also developed a thin wall stainless steel exhaust system for the CR. This exhaust system is significantly lighter than the stock system, improves horse power by 13 and has the outlet in the center of the rear bumper between the two Carbon Fiber Diffusers.

The Suspension: KONI Double Adjustable Coil-Over struts and rear shocks valved to TC Kline Specifications are already accepted by the BMW enthusiast as the standard for street and track performance and directly contribute to the 1.06G cornering grip the CR develops. The suspension springs for the CR are made in Germany from a light weight alloy steel and TC Kline has a variety of spring rates available which allow the owner to tune the CR to their personal taste. The CR front struts are topped off with TC Kline designed front Camber Plates for quicker turn-in and steering feel and Delrin bushings replace the standard rubber bushings in the front lower arms and rear trailing arms for quicker response and markedly improved feel. These TC Kline components significantly reduce the unsprung weight resulting in a more responsive suspension.

Brakes: Performance Friction Corp. has created extremely rigid and light weight aluminum MonoBloc calipers for use on the CR. The front caliper is a four piston design with four brake pads for superior modulation and high brake torque and the rear caliper is a two piston design sharing the same pads. The large floating rotors have aluminum hats for light weight. The front rotor diameter in 345 mm, and 328mm rotors are on the rear. The PFC Carbon Metallic Brake Pads offer exceptional brake loads for extremely short stopping distances. These ultra performance brakes also contribute significantly to reducing the unsprung weight of the Carbon Roadster.

Wheels and Tires: The final design for the wheels has not been determined, however, the specifications have. As on this prototype, all four wheels will be a one piece forged aluminum design for the lightest weight and strength. The CR standard front wheels are 19x9.5" and the rears are 19x10.5". Optional wheels in 18x9.5" and 18x10.5" will be available in forged aluminum as well for those drivers who want to take advantage of a larger selection of ‘R’ Compound tires and/or are interested in a more comfortable street ride. Magnesium forged wheels will be offered in 18x10" front, 18x11" rear for optimum track performance. The Michelin Pilot Sport Cup is currently the highest performance tire available for the street. The standard sizes for the CR are 265/30x19 front and 295/25x19 rear, (Not yet available). These Sport Cup tires produced 1.06 G cornering in a Car and Driver test driving a TC Kline Z4 using the same suspension as supplied on the CR. The Michelin PS2 Ultra high performance tire will be available in both 18 and 19" as a no charge option. The PS2 tires offer extended wear with less grip than the Sport Cup tires.

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