Recently Bob Lutz, General Motors Vice Chairman, issued a challenge to the world in which he hopes to prove that the Cadillac CTS-V is hands down the fastest four door sports car on the market today. Mr. Lutz is inviting all comers with a stock production sedan to challenge the chairman’s best lap time around the Monticello Motor Club’s race track on October 29. If you are intersted in taking on the 556 HP CTS-V in your own fast four door then follow the link below.

Bob Lutz’s challenge after the jump.

May the Best Car Win, in Action

By Bob Lutz
GM Vice Chairman

Last month, during a discussion with journalists about our “May the Best Car Win” marketing campaign, I was trying to get across just exactly what that theme means. And what it means is, of course, just what it says.

We have a lineup of vehicles that we think, if given a chance, can stack up with the best the rest of the automotive manufacturing world has to offer. One of the examples I cited was the Cadillac CTS-V, and I went so far as to challenge the journalists to find a stock production sedan on the planet that could outperform the CTS-V on the track. I proposed a track duel, “run what ya brung,” at a time and place to be determined.

Well, that time and place has been determined. The guys at were the first ones to respond to the challenge, quickly and most enthusiastically, but I suspect there will be more. We’ll be having a full racetrack challenge October 29 at the Monticello Motor Club in Monticello, N.Y., not far from the New York City area.

And I put the challenge out to you. If you own a car comparable to the Cadillac CTS-V (a 4-door production stock sport sedan) and you want to match up against me and the Cadillac, you can join us at Monticello. Follow the link here to fill out an application. From the list of applicants we’ll select several challengers to join us for the V-Series Challenge.

As I said in the previous chat, we’re going to take away every last excuse people have not to consider our products. We know that some consumers still think Cadillac cars do not have the top-end performance they believe the German luxury cars have. The development objective of the 556-hp Cadillac CTS- V was to create the world’s best high-performance sedan. In final testing, the car lapped the legendary Nurburgring in 7:59.32, fastest ever for a production sedan (recently eclipsed, reportedly, by Porsche Panamera). In other words, we believe we have achieved our goal of building the world’s fastest sedan, but I look forward to putting that theory to the test…. and may the best car win.

Source: Cadillac

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  (868) posted on 10.19.2009

Yes, I’ve seen the video. The ZR1 driver "forgot" to set the timer some way into the lap; the real time was 7.44, not their claimed 7.26. Still a very respectable run, though, considering the previous-gen Porsche GT3 did 7.50.

  (868) posted on 10.19.2009

BMWM6, I have watched the ZR1 lap video and the driver "forgot" to set the timer quite some way into the lap; the real lap time was 7.44, not 7.26 - still a very respectable run, though.

The ACR is a stripped Viper but it comes as a factory option and therefore counts as stock. And yes, the Gumpert Apollo, which achieved 7.11, is indeed a production car.

BMWM6  (488) posted on 10.19.2009

thats very true ak
and uncia please check the videos of the zr-1 laptime it achieved the time they said it did also I dont consider the cars that beat it as production except for the ACR but thats a stripped viper

Also what AK said Lutz seems like an amateur
I heard the guy from CarguyDad is taking a 2008 M5 to this competition
I wouldnt be surprised if GM uses a base CTS-V with the big engine to save weight, throw in some healthy coolant too, put in faulty timer

well looks like the worst car gonna win
although would be hilarious if the CTS-V lost

BMWM6  (68) posted on 10.19.2009

Is this guy serious????????????

BMWM6  (1024) posted on 10.19.2009

And I have to say that Bob Lutz seems like a loudmouth. Since one has to beat his lap time, not a proffessionals, Iam pretty sure I can hand him his a$$ with an IS-F or the M5 as long as the track doesn’t have too many straights to give the CTS-V an straightline advantage with its superior power.

BMWM6  (1024) posted on 10.19.2009

M6, it says fastest stock car on the planet so the FQ400 is a legitimate opponent.

And the Nissan and Porche fued was started by Porche. Nissan made the claim and Porche started accusing them of using different tyres. Talk about being sour losers. It must sting when all your "legendary" super cars get beaten by a car with less power and more weight. The same thing happened when the R33 scored the highest production car lap time. Porche and its fans alike went red with fury and came up with all sorts of conspiracy theories. The sportsman thing to do would have been to admit it was a good car and move on.

The same ploy seems to be utilised by Corvette fans over the internet these days. Not very sportsman like, but thats America for you.

I know you are an American but Iam not trying to attack or offend you.

BMWM6  (868) posted on 10.18.2009

America’s big three are all pathetic companies that deserve to fail, and aren’t really American anyway - Toyota, for example, has more American employees than Ford and Chrysler combined, and Nissan has more than all three of them.

BMWM6  (868) posted on 10.18.2009

The Nissan/Porsche lap times express an infinately higher degree of good sportsmanship than these GM jerks’ do because you don’t see Nissan and the Germans lying about their lap times like GM did with the ZR-1 or trying to tell us that since one of their cars broke a single record all other models from all other manufacturers are inferior, using a lap time which, by the way, isn’t even #1 anymore.

BMWM6  (488) posted on 10.18.2009

do the fq400 come to america?

Also the nissan vs porsche nurburgring laps are somewhat unsportsman like

BMWM6  (1024) posted on 10.18.2009

Stock production sedan? I can name one that will walk all over the CTS-V. The FQ400 does 0to100kmph in 3.8, 0.1 faster than the CTS-V and there is no American car built that can outhandle the rally monster.

This however is the reason I dislike most things American. Americans always put down other brands so they can make their own look good. Not sportsman like. Brands like Infiniti can match up to the Germans without resorting to a pissing contest behaviour.

BMWM6  (868) posted on 10.18.2009

"May the best car win?" I’m sure. GM has conveniently forgotten to mention in their ads the online pole that they posted on various car websites. The pole had five catagories - who makes the most fuel-efficient car, the safest car, the most reliable car, the best performance car, and the best overall car - none of which any GM brand won. Toyota was voted most fuel-efficient and most reliable, Volvo the safest, and BMW the best performing and best all-around.

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