How about an electric supercar from Australia? The Bolwell Nagari was revealed at the beginning of this year, but the company is already working on a battery-powered version of its Nagari. This new electric car is reported to be only months away from reaching the market. Watch out Tesla Roadster!

The Nagari, due on sale early next year, is a fibreglass-clad sports car built around a strong and lightweight tube steel chassis. Bolwell is buying complete Toyota Aurion cars straight off Toyota’s production line and stripping them of their 3.5-liter engines, gearboxes and other parts before using them in the Nagari.


Source: Drive

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AK47  (1024) posted on 09.12.2008

Nice to see Australians giving a little more than those crappy Vauxhalls with the $hitty LS engines.

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