Bolwell Nagari, also known as the Mk VIII was Bolwell’s first full production sports car with 127 coupes and 13 convertibles made. It was produced between 1969 to 1972. Under the hood there was a Ford 302 or 351 cubic inch V8 engine. For 2008, Bolwell prepares a come-back with a brand-new, modern interpretation of the classic Nagari. The car will be unveiled in February 2008 at the Melbourne Motor Show.

The 2008 Nagari will be powered by a supercharged Toyota 3.5 liter V6 engine. With a weight of only 900 kg, it will make 0 to 60 mph sprint in just 4 seconds.

Bolwell will offer the new Nagari as a composite monocoque coupe made of carbon fiber.

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badestofthebad  (608) posted on 12.12.2007

can’t wait to see how it looks an what colours it will come in

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