• Bond Stays with Aston-Martin – But Should He?

This fall will bring another new James Bond movie and – as with the last one – it will star Daniel Craig as Bond and a DBS as Bond’s car. In various press releases, Aston-Martin is trumpeting the selection for all who care to listen.

But, is an Aston-Martin truly the proper car for Bond, today?

No, Bond should be driving a Bentley.

There is, of course, tradition behind having Bond in a Bentley. In the Ian Fleming novels, the only car James Bond actually owns is, in fact, a Bentley. It is only after the Bentley is destroyed in the line of duty that Q provides Bond with an Aston-Martin.

So, properly understood, the legendary DB7 of “Goldfinger” fame was really only a “loaner.” It was not the car that reflected Bond’s personal tastes. It was what was available from the, if you will, motor pool.

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If you put a little imagination into it, you can visualize how it all came about.

That DB7 was probably something that 006 had already used up and, so, it was available. No doubt “Q” – the man who seems always to be supplying Bond with unique tools of the trade only to have Bond trash them – wasn’t about to let 007 have anything top drawer. In fact, that DB7 may have been one of Q’s lesser efforts – you’ll remember that all the fancy gadgets, ejection seat included, did Bond no good when it came to escaping from the bad guys in old Mercedes. The car really only worked when he was trying to meet a blonde in a Mustang.

That’s probably why 006 dumped it.

(Incidentally, did you know that “Q” is short for “quartermaster”?)

So, what should James Bond really drive?

A Bentley.

Nothing so garish as the Mansory versions – those aren’t modified, they’re pimped.

Rather, the MTM version of the Continental Cabrio. Refined, but with 635 hp, zero to sixty in 4.4 seconds and a top end above 200 mph.

And, it would be given pride of parking place by the doorman at the Casino in Monaco.

They, after all, know the real thing when they see it.

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MadTourist  (48) posted on 03.30.2008

Here here Tkf1. We all know that Bentley’s are for footballers. There is no Bentley that looks the part as the Aston does anyway.

Ralph, just when I thought you were going down a better road. I know there are the books...some I have read. But really, in the popular (and you have to admit) culture, that means the movies. The Aston has always been the bond car. That’s how everyone has seen it and always will. Despite the unfortunate BMW years, although I liked Brosnan

Do you want to argue the Bentley as choice? He was issued the Aston, his personal Bentley was just another unfortunate victim of his professional life.


MadTourist  (35) posted on 03.29.2008

Sorry, but i just had to point out one glaring error with this article!

Bond has never driven a DB7, he drove a DB5 - one of the most famous cars of all time!!! the DB7 came out in the early 90’s, 30 years after Goldfinger.

Also, yes you are right Bond did drive a Bentley 4 1/2 litre "Blower" in the first few books but i disagree - he should stick to Aston! If a bloke in a tux pulled up in a Bentley Continental GT id think he was a Premiership footballer, if he pulled up in an Aston however, well hes 007 isn’t he?

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