If you needed any more proof that our world has become fixated on gambling, look no further than what the odds are on who the next Stig will be.

That’s right, folks. You can make a wager on who’s going to be the next one to don the helmet and racing suit for Top Gear. And if you’re right, you can make some moolah out of it, too.

To our surprise – not that we’re against it, although we think Clarkson might have a bone to pick with this one – odds are picking up that the next Stig will be female.

According to The Sun, bookmakers have installed 4:1 odds on a woman taking over the role of Top Gear’s mysterious test driver. What’s more surprising is that this line is now favored over the odd of notable former F1 drivers David Coulthard and Damon Hill. On top of that, there are also odds on what color of the suit the new Stig will be donning in his/her new gig. And just so you know, pink is right up there with 5:1 odds.

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Go figure.

The recently-revealed Stig, which so happened to be former Formula 3 driver Ben Collins, won a decision over the BBC to publish his autobiography, which caused controversy in the show for Collins’ admittance that he did, in fact, don the white helmet and jumpsuit as the show’s resident masked test driver.

Now that Collins is out of the show, the search is on for the next Stig and if you happen to have any inside information on who it’s going to be, you might as well make some money out of it, right?

Source: The Sun

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