Through a unique collaboration extending from automotive design labs all the way to the Fiorano test track, the new Ferrari 612 Scaglietti will come standard with a custom-designed sound system from Bose. Both companies believe that the combination of these two worldrenowned brands will appeal strongly to Ferrari customers.

Bose brings a unique systems approach to automotive audio, one that goes beyond conventional technology or thinking. Since the design of every vehicle can affect sound differently, the engineers analyzed each model’s layout and acoustics.

Then they customize circuitry, design our own signal processing and select the optimal placement for our small high-performance speakers.

Bose Media System inside the Ferrari 612
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Simplification it’s the cornerstone of the Bose media system. They combined familiar design and consistency for a faster, easier level of driver interaction.

With a universally recognized two-knob setup, basic functions—volume, tuning—are already intuitive. And FM/AM, CD, satellite radio and hard-drive content are all controlled the same way: Rotate the outer knob to display genre or disc, then rotate the inner knob to pick a station or song. If you understand one function, you also understand the res

Multi-Format Disc Player
An industry first: A unit that recognizes and plays nearly every disc format automatically, with the highest available resolution and number of audio channels. Just insert a disc and enjoy.Compatible media include CDs, DVD audio discs, DVD video discs, Super Audio CDs, MP3s, AAC and nearly all formats available on recordable CDs and DVDs.


Comprehensive navigation—less complication. With the system’s basic concentric knobs, users can select points of interest the same way they control entertainment options.

Responsive Bose technologies enhance the infotainment experience, from FM quality to overall operation. So there’s less time searching and selecting—and more time enjoying.

The finest visuals and materials, from the feel and movement of the concentric knobs to the elegant display. Refined, attractive, yet always functional and easy to understand.

Bose Media System inside the Ferrari 612
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Bose technologies reduce unwanted radio noise and interference while the system receives signals via dual radio antennas. The result is dependable, quality FM radio broadcasts.

Today’s essential portable media—Bluetooth® communications, iPod®, USB 2.0—connect effortlessly. And Bose technologies work efficiently with your devices, giving you easier access and less to think about.


Proximity Sensor
Reach for the far knob: The system senses your hand and the interface smoothly changes, displaying only the most relevant information and removing the rest.

uMusic Intelligent Playback System

As songs play from the system’s hard drive, you can press a single button to identify those that fit your mood. The uMusic system continually learns and responds, playing music you want to hear.

Customized 5.1-channel surround sound Bose audio system

  •  FM / AM broadcast radio
  •  XM satellite radio
  •  Multi-format disc player
  •  uMusic intelligent playback system
  •  200 hours hard-drive capacity
  •  Navigation system
  •  Bluetooth device scanning and pairing
  •  iPod connectivity,with access via system display
  •  USB 2.0 input for portable media
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