Last night I had a beautiful dreamed: I went to place an order for a Bugatti Veyron (not bad for a dream!). But my sweet dream was to become the worst nightmare even when I saw how they do delivery in some countries.

Yes, you guest, the country we are talking about is Russia. I wonder what that guy imagined he was caring in that truck! After all we are talking about a 1,5 million euro car. Or, who knows, maybe the owner spent his all money on the car and didn’t had enough for a proper delivery. Everything is possible!

I just hope mine won’t be delivered like this (the one in the dream of course!).

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  (6) posted on 05.11.2008

Sigh.... If it was me I would deliver it in a 100 star castle (money money money smiley )

  (9) posted on 01.6.2008

If I had the money for a veyron, i know that i wouldnt be the one driving it to the repair shop lookingike an idiot

  (608) posted on 10.21.2007

i doubt its about the car breaking down if the car is malfunctioning why wud they jus drop it bak home if sumthing doesn’t work any normal person wud take it to a repair man or mechanic

  (372) posted on 10.21.2007

I’d be willing to bet one of two things. Firstly, the possibility exists that the car broke down and was being taken back to the owner’s home. The next possibility is that this car was a "grey" import into Russia and was being delivered to the owner by a truck he or she hired. I find it hard to believe that VAG would, after spending endless amounts of money building and presenting this car, would hold back on the delivery costs.

  (608) posted on 10.19.2007

man that is awful

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