Buying a brand-new Corvette Z06 should be a cause for celebration. But in the case of this poor man, his joyous occasion ended up becoming short-lived - thanks to his wife and her Hyundai Genesis.

Barely an hour after driving off with his new ride, the man’s precious Corvette was in the middle of a roadside accident thanks in large part to a combination of rain, traffic, and his wife’s reckless driving. The resulting carnage could end up costing the couple more than $26,000 in damages to the two vehicles.

The series of unfortunate events began when the couple left the Chevy dealership and ended up stuck in traffic along a rainy Massachusetts freeway. As the traffic began piling up, the husband decelerated his speed to queue up behind the other vehicles in the freeway. Unfortunately for him and his brand-new Z06, the wife, who was following behind in their 9-month old Genesis, wasn’t paying enough attention to the roads ahead and ended up ramming her car onto the back of the Z06, which, in turn, slid forward and hit the car directly in front of him.

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While it’s bad enough that the couple would have to pay $26,000 in damages for the two cars, but to have a brand-new Corvette meet an ill-fated accident even before reaching two digits on its odometer is a downright sickening feeling.

On top of that, the couple is also responsible to the other vehicle that the Z06 smashed into, which should spike up their insurance bill even more.

We understand the dangers of driving in the rain while stuck in traffic, but such conditions should force drivers to pay more attention to the road. Unfortunately for the man and his new Corvette Z06, his wife forgot to read that memo.

Source: Jalopnik

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  (1022) posted on 02.10.2010

Well, at least its not like a Tiger Woods crash which is still unclear for me. Anyways, its ok to crash cars in an accident as long as it doesn’t cost anybody involve their lives.

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