• Brembo’s Geneva Showcase Includes a Colorful Set of Brake Calipers

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The sheer size and magnitude of the Geneva Motor Show manifests itself in a variety of ways. Cool concept cars can be seen in all corners of the show, but there are a few special oddities that you can discover if you look hard enough. One of the more curious stands belongs to Brembo, the Italian brake manufacturer whose products you see on just about every performance car in the world. Brembo showcased a handful of interesting concept brakes. All concepts stood out for the same reason, and it’s not because they feature a revolutionary brake technology. These Brembo brake concepts gain your attention because of how colorful and vibrant they are. Imagine your cars with these brake calipers on them? It would add some personality to your ride, don’t you think?

Brembo's Geneva Showcase Includes a Colorful Set of Brake Calipers
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It’s not often that a company like Brembo can capture attention in an auto show that’s brimming with high-value concepts and important world debuts. Ok, so Brembo didn’t exactly dominate the headlines, but it did have one of the coolest booths in Geneva, in large part because of these colorful brake calipers. While it’s true that brake calipers are far more important because of their functions, every so often, it doesn’t hurt to give this specific equipment a bit more personality. Brembo understands that more than most, and as one of the leading experts in this field, the brake specialists have been known to splash some color in its products from time to time.

These new concepts, though, are on another level. They’re works of art, or, at least in some cases, inspired by actual works of arts from famous artists. Brembo did say that a lot of these creations were “inspired by the world of fashion, design, art, and style.”

In total, nine brake concepts were shown at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, and all of them are special and unique in their own different ways.
Brembo's Geneva Showcase Includes a Colorful Set of Brake Calipers
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I’ll start with the red caliper that features the always-fashionable argyle sweater design. Imagine what that would look on a car with a similarly customized argyle-themed interior. Maybe this caliper works best on a stylish British car like Jaguar. A bit more on the artistic side is the orange caliper, which features a classic camouflage pattern. Camo prints don’t typically work on luxury sedans, so if I’m getting this particular brake caliper, I’m going to give it to a proper Jeep, perhaps a Wrangler, and repaint the body in the same color scheme to reflect a nice bit of consistency in the visuals of the off-roader.

The white caliper with the dragon print on it works on a luxury car. I’ll even go as far and say that if Rolls-Royce builds a special edition, China-exclusive Phantom in 2024 — that’s the next Year of the Dragon — it should ring up Brembo and ask for this particular caliper. The symmetry would be pretty incredible. Speaking of symmetry, how about the nature-themed caliper with the plant design on a hybrid vehicle? There’s a bit of irony in a performance brake sporting a greenery design, but it’s still pretty cool to look at, especially if said hybrid sports a similar white-and-green body finish.

Brembo's Geneva Showcase Includes a Colorful Set of Brake Calipers
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For performance cars, I like the yellow- and orange-spotted brake caliper that’s inspired by the prints of a cheetah’s body. As the fastest animal on land, a cheetah would be a solid reference to a future performance car. Perhaps Koenigsegg can build one after we’re done salivating over the recently launched Jesko hypercar. The Swedish automaker does have a fascination for speed and performance, and there’s no better brake caliper design to highlight that fascination than one sporting the prints of the fastest land animal in the world.

The gray glitter caliper works best on a luxury car, too. It’s not as splashy as some of the other brake calipers, but the glitter effect does give it a sparkling look.

I’d use this one on a Bentley or Maybach. It’s not ostentatious in obvious ways, which is what I’d describe the two luxury automakers. I’d throw Rolls-Royce in there, too, but it already has dibs on the dragon caliper for its future Phantom Year of the Dragon Special Edition for the Chinese market.

Brembo's Geneva Showcase Includes a Colorful Set of Brake Calipers
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The remaining calipers come from the world of art and style. I’m not familiar with two of the designs and where they’re inspired from — the black caliper with the neon symbols and the yellow caliper with what looks like app black and red app logos — but one design, in particular, is very close to my heart.

The white brake caliper with images of people in different colors is a nod towards famous New York street artist Keith Harring, whose pop art and graffiti-like style became a cultural staple in the streets of New York City.

Barring is one of my favorite artists in the world. He’s been dead for almost 30 years, but his works remain as some of my favorite pieces of pop culture art in the world. if I’m buying any one of these colorful brake calipers, there’s no debate on which one I’m spending on.

Unfortunately, none of these brake caliper concepts are for sale. I know. Bummer, right? Just about every surface of a car has had artistic nods to it that brake calipers are probably one of the last frontiers in personalized aesthetic designs. Even if Brembo doesn’t plan on putting any of these calipers into production anytime soon, I wouldn’t be surprised if, somewhere down the road, they end up going for sale.

If that happens, you can bet that my wallet will be ready to score a set of that Keith Harring-inspired Brembo brake caliper.

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Brembo continues to experiment with colour, playing with the latest
trends in fashion, art, style and design.

Since its very first famous red caliper more than 25 years ago, Brembo has increasingly
focused on and pushed for the colour of its products in order to characterize and
strengthen the distinctive features of each car it equips.

Today it continues to amaze and, after almost sixty years of innovation, goes further, with
a provocation on colour, which once again makes it a pioneer not only in technology, but
also in design.

For the Geneva Motor Show, in fact, Brembo was inspired by the world of fashion, design,
art and style to coat some of its calipers with unusual "clothes" for a car component, in a
journey of provocations, chromatic suggestions and graphic textures.

You can see the caliper painted with a camouflage pattern, a classic, here revisited in the
colour of the year* or, for lovers of luxury, the glittered caliper, and for the trendiest and
most irreverent, here is the caliper with the unmistakable reference to the famous English
fabric with argyle pattern.

The journey continues with a look at the past, with the "vintage" caliper, simple and
minimal, which recalls the geometries of the ’70s, or the caliper with fluorescent,
contrasting and sometimes excessive colours of the ’90s, and again with a creative caliper
inspired by writers and street art.

Brembo’s experiments do not stop there: if the new trend of the moment suggests an
aggressive look, here is the caliper that recalls the spotted coat of the felines, and the
tattooed caliper, with its dragon. And for nature lovers, there is also a green interpretation.

These are just a few suggestions that will not go into production and that Brembo presents to underline the perfect mix of aesthetics and functionality, which make each Brembo caliper an icon of style.

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