There are a host of things you can find under a body of water and while they range from the absolutely meaningless to the downright priceless, the possibilities of what you can find underwater are endless.

Brescia Bugatti found underwater in Switzerland
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In the Swiss city of Ascona, a diving club that goes by the name, Centro sport subacquei salvataggio Ascona (CSSS), went on a routine dive on the Verbano Lake last July 5 found something that none of them were expecting, a Brescia Bugatti.

Nobody knows how the classic car ended up 50m deep on the lake or how long it’s been there. Nevertheless, the team of divers who found it are scheduled to bring the century-old vehicle back up to dry land. Whether or not there’s still value on the submerged vehicle remains to be seen, but we’re quite sure that the question of whether it still works or not has been answered a long time ago.


Source: Bugatti Page

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