Briatore and Symonds could face stiff penalties if they are found guilty of causing ’Crash Gate’

Lesson learned: cheating is bad.

Ex-Renault bosses, Flavio Briatore and Pat Symonds could end up in bigger trouble than they had anticipated in light of their involvement in staging a deliberate crash at the Singapore GP last year.
The meeting to determine what kind of punishment the pair will receive from the World Motor Sports Council will take place on Monday, September 21, and speculation is wild that the two could be meted lifetime bans from Formula One.

But apparently, that should be the least of their problems.
In the event that the two are found guilty, they could end up being extradited to Singapore where they will be charged with a criminal act of ordering a dangerous stunt to benefit their own fortunes.
Not only that, the Daily Telegraph also said that Briatore and Symonds could be facing lawsuits left and right from a host of other groups affected by their actions, including their former team Renault.

And to add any more salt to this growing wound, Briatore’s other tie-ups outside Formula One, including the football club Queen Park Rangers where he is a co-owner, could also impose some sanctions on the beleaguered ex F1 chief.

According to a source from the league, “The Football League did not comment specifically, but the competition does not allow the involvement of "anyone subject to a ban from the involvement in the administration of a sport by a sport’s governing body".

We’re reserving our judgments here until the WMSC decides on the fate of both Briatore and Symonds but if we’re to base it on how everything has transpired since this news broke out, then we’re not liking the two’s chances of being acquitted of their misdeeds.

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Source: F1-Live

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