• Bristol planning on building a 200-mph electric supercar?

If in case all the news and rumors surrounding electric supercars have become a little too much for our gas-guzzling friends, it is worth pointing out there is a future for these type of cars. The only caveat, as has always been the case, is that someone actually builds something that could be considered as such.

The latest automaker to have their names attached to building ’e-exotics’ is British automaker, Bristol. You might remember these guys for their storied history in aviation manufacturing and their crossover into the automotive industry with the 200-mph Fighter sports car. However, now it appears as if the British company is looking at breaking into the electric segment.

According to EVO, Bristol wants to build an electric supercar that can hit up to 200 mph. Ambitious as it sounds - and it does sound very ambitious - the British automaker is serious enough to already have plans for putting in two separate electric powertrains for the front and rear wheels. These dual drivetrains will each have two motors, allowing for each wheel to have its own more, which could very well make for a very interesting car.

While the hope and dream for the car’s realization is still years away - if it ever gets there - Bristol at least has an important ally by its side in the form of its parent company, Frazer-Nash, which has been spending a lot of its time working with and helping develop range-extending powertrain systems for other manufacturers.

If Bristol manages to achieve producing a 200-mph electric super car with all the luxury bells and whistles that come with it, who knows, they might end up being a trail blazer in their own right.


Source: EVO

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  (368) posted on 08.10.2011

Well, that would be better if ever. An electric super car that can deliver that power will be tuned by Bristol. Hopefully, this plan will work. If it will be produced and will have a big market sale, other manufacturers will also create this one.

  (727) posted on 08.9.2011

If Bristol could really make it. That would be history. It will be the first time to have an electric car that can delivers 200 mph. Well, it still a long time before the debut of the car so they can still manage to have a dual power train.

  (287) posted on 08.9.2011

First of all, with the tight competition in the market I don’t think the upgrading the engine performance is the only key factor. I think they also need to work on modifying their platform and styling just like the VW done with the Beetle.

  (398) posted on 08.9.2011

haha. It seems that the Bristol is following the foot steps of Lincoln! Last year, I have read that the Lincoln is planning to build a 250 mph vehicle to save their brand.. I wonder if Bristol have the same reasoning as well.

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