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Dream cars, we’re talking about them on a regular basis. They’re usually exotic vehicles that we can’t afford, and we wish we will be able to buy them at some point. But dream cars isn’t always about Bugattis, McLarens, and Ferraris. A recent study conducted in Great Britain revealed that the country’s dream car for 2017 is a mess design-wise, combining features from vehicles that are radically different. More than 2,300 motorists were polled in this study on what makes their perfect car, with options ranging from badges and headlamps to doors and paints. And the result is essentially a Frankenstein of car features and designs launched over the last decade.

Britain's Dream Car for 2017 Is a Frankenvehicle with Lambo, BMW, and Alfa Romeo Cues
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Commissioned by, the survey reveals that drivers favor sporty car features but prefer the higher ride of an SUV. Specifically, most participants nominated the Lamborghini Urus as their body of choice. Far from surprising given that crossovers are highly popular now and considering that the Urus was unveiled only a couple of weeks ago. And it makes you better understand why Lamborghini wanted an SUV in the first place.

But things become really weird once we take a look at the other styling elements combined with the Urus body. The SUV combines an Alfa Romeo Giulia grille with BMW 6 Series headlamps up front, a Lamborghini Gallardo spoiler and Hyundai i30 exhaust around back, and Audi R8 doors with Honda Civic Type-R wheels wrapped in off-road tires onto the sides. The mash-up is rounded off by a Bentley badge and an electric blue color. Well, while none of the cars mentioned above are ugly, all these features combined into one vehicle make for a horrible concept. It’s so awful that it took "several weeks" to turn it into an accurate 3D rendering.

The company that commissioned the survey says it’s a bit surprised that people didn’t vote for two-seat configurations, convertibles, and high-performance supercars, opting for a high-riding body instead.

Britain's Dream Car for 2017 Is a Frankenvehicle with Lambo, BMW, and Alfa Romeo Cues
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Design aside, the study also revealed that drivers are willing to spend an additional £1,552, on average, on upgrades and add-ons, while more than a third said that heated seats are a must. Nearly half wanted a personalized registration plate. One in three drivers would want their car to handle any type of terrain, while an equal amount with their cars would have the ability to fly. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to see this FrankenUrus fly in front of my bedroom window.


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