Nobody ever said you had to be a genius to be a police officer. But then again, being stupid isn’t part of the job description either.

That’s the prevailing thought on British police officers these days. The bad thing is, it’s not as if they’re being asked to solve global warming or world hunger, but rather, just put the right type of fuel in their patrol cars.

In the past three years, British police officers have confused the type of fuel they put in their cars a total of 4,709 times. If basic mathematics isn’t a problem for you, you’d know that that’s about four patrol cars per day.

The problem with putting the wrong fuel type not only means that the fuel – already expensive, in its own right – has to be drained. In addition to that, the unfortunate engines that have been filled with the wrong fuel are subjected to repairs, further increasing the bills that, incidentally, tax payers have to pay.

If you’re a British taxpayer, that’s not a very comforting fact to face. You pay taxes just so these people have the money to fix their idiocy. While you’re at it, why not just send these cops to school!

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According to reports from the Mirror, one police unit in particular, the Met, has run away with the title of ‘Most Inept’ among all British troopers. The unit has amounted to over £194,212 ($316,000) in car damages over the past three years. As a matter of fact, the neuron-deficient group has had to account for 287 fuel miscues - a little less than one per day – amounting to £84,992 ($138,000.

The numbers were compiled by a public action group called the Taxpayers’ Alliance. According to its chief, Matthew Elliot, “Every car damaged is thousands of pounds diverted away from the fight against crime. One would hope our police were more on the ball."

For the sake of everyone in the UK who relies on their police to patrol the streets and protect them from crime, let us hope that putting the wrong fuel in the wrong car is the only thing they’re incompetent at.

Source: Mirror U.K.

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  (570) posted on 02.1.2010

Is it really that difficult to wait a minute or two to figure out what your car needs to burn or are people just that stupid to do so? How can it happen more than 4000 times if these cops are using their cars everyday?

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