For most of us, receiving one traffic ticket is more than enough to jolt us back into our senses and begin driving more cautiously.

But for 50-year old Englishman Thomas Feely, one ticket, apparently, isn’t enough. Neither are two tickets, or 20 for that matter.

This man just has a thing for breaking traffic rules and his 58 citations and 110 ‘offenses’ is are staggering numbers for something like as serious as traffic violations. You can rest easy now, Lindsay Lohan. You’re traffic awareness – or lack thereof – has just been trumped.

Feely’s habit of breaking traffic laws is absolutely ridiculous. According to John Pickering, magistrates’ chairman, since 1982, Feely has been convicted of 89 offenses. And that doesn’t even count all the times he got tickets prior to that year.

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"This is undoubtedly the worst driving record any of us on the bench have ever seen,” Pickering said to Feely. “From 1982 onwards you been convicted of 89 offenses. Just a few days before being suspended from driving you were stopped again. You have no compunction about driving while disqualified. This is such an appalling record that custody is inevitable."

And just to make this story all the more mind-blowing, Feely’s representative, Lindsey Lobley, attributes Feely’s penchant for receiving traffic violations for being a "victim of poor decision-making." That would have been fine if it happened maybe once or twice, but 59 times?

That’s a whole new level of “poor decision-making”.

Source: Telegraph

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  (512) posted on 03.26.2010

Well, I guess he has a lot of money to pay for his citation and traffic violations. He should be ashamed of himself.

  (780) posted on 03.26.2010

One of the questions is that how in the world did he manage to pass 59 traffic violation and not get cited for like the 13th or 20th ticket? They should have taken his license away and never be issued upon as 59 tickets could definitely mean that someone is not being a responsible driver and that could be a threat to other motorists on the road including pedestrians.

  (364) posted on 03.25.2010

Errrr, 59th times? and yet he didn’t learn his lesson? I must say that he was a hell hard headed person.

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