Pilot lights and a waiting for water to boil seems more like kitchen stove concerns than cars. That’s why steam engines have not been in vogue since the early 1900s, but they can still be a novelty. Just ask Jay Leno, he owns and drives multiple brands of steam cars. But one thing that hasn’t been tried in a while is going fast with there land-locomotives.

It seems that the British want to be the fastest people on earth, after announcing plans to build a rocket car to go 1000 mph, a separate British team has assembled a car to break an over ninety-year old steam record. The aptly named British Steam Car is built to go 170 mph, which will shatter the 121.57 mph record set by a Stanley Steamer Rocket in 1906. If all goes right, British Steam Car could be making runs t the record by this spring.


Source: Telegraph

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  (43) posted on 12.14.2008

That thing looks like a complete monster, i want 3!

AK47  (1024) posted on 12.13.2008

They should put this thing in the next Bond flick.

AK47  (35) posted on 12.12.2008

Wow! Great article i hadn’t heard of this before.

"It seems that the British want to be the fastest people on earth" - I would however like to point out that we are already currently the fastest people "on the earth" as the current land speed record is held by Thrust SSC at 763 mph, built by British speed freak and previous record breaker Richard Noble and driven by RAF fighter pilot Andy Green in 1997.

Great article though!

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