Britney attacks a car with an umbrella

You thought that the latest "look" of Britney will be the last thing to hear about? Oh no! With a "star" like this enough is never enough! And why should it be, when you can be on the front page every day. Well it would have been good if it was in a good way, but... no one is perfect!

What has she done this time? Nothing much. A little attack over a car and some paparazzi with an umbrella. The incident happened outside Kevin Federline’s house, then her mother came and drove her back to rehab.

Sources tell that Britney Spears returned to Promises residential treatment center on Wednesday night after checking out of the Malibu, CA, facility earlier that morning.

Britney attacks a car with an umbrella
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Also on Wednesday a desperate Britney was photographed using an umbrella to hit a car outside the home where her ex, Kevin Federline, is reportedly staying. The photos reveal a furious Britney dressed in white shorts and a hooded sweatshirt repeatedly striking an SUV with an umbrella.

After reportedly spending 45 minutes outside his residence, Britney’s mom picked her up and eventually brought her to the rehab facility.

Source: egotastic

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  (379) posted on 02.11.2010

O give her a break you know. I mean sometimes people are like this because of the way people around them act. They are just pressuring her so much. Specially those no good paparazzi. Imagine if your life were like hers, no privacy, every move she makes is judged.

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