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The man is a pioneer in more ways than one, and we have a chance to find why

We all know the names Enzo Ferrari, Ferruccio Lamborghini, and Ferdinand Porsche. They’re all titans of the industry and their legacies remain to this day in the manufacturers that still bear their name. One name who doesn’t get as much shine as he should is Bruce McLaren, the New Zealand-born driver, engineer, and inventor who founded McLaren. Well, if anybody wants to know more about McLaren and his impact on the history of motorsports, now’s your chance because a special documentary covering his life will be shown in the U.S. by

on-demand next month.

Aptly titled “McLaren,” the documentary covers McLaren’s whole life, beginning with his childhood in New Zealand all the way up to the tragic crash that claimed his life at Goodwood. It’s a little hard to believe that McLaren was only 32 years old when he died, but in the short time that he was alive, he managed to found a company and racing outfit that would go on to win 12 Formula One driver’s championships and eight constructor’s titles. Today, we know of McLaren both from its exploits in Formula One and the supercar division that has given us exotic beauties like the P1, 720S, and the grandfathered yet still iconic F1 supercar. All of it started with Bruce McLaren, who lived long enough to create a lasting legacy of his name. Now we have a chance to see the man in ways we probably never have before.

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Do yourselves a favor and watch the McLaren documentary

There’s really not much to say after this, especially if you’ve seen the trailer of the “McLaren” documentary. I admit to being a little teary-eyed by how captivating and gripping nature of the trailer. I don’t know much about Bruce McLaren apart from what I’ve read and heard about the man, but after watching the trailer, I got the feeling that this was a man who not only epitomized what it means to overcome the odds, but to actually thrive in the face of adversity. It’s an utter shame McLaren never lived a full life, or at least a long enough one to see his visions through. But what can you say about someone who accomplished so much in so little time and see his name and legacy live on long after his death?

I usually get excited about documentaries about the industry, but I can’t explain how excited I am to watch this one about Bruce McLaren, about as iconic a figure in the annals of motorsports history as anybody who came before and after him.


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