The new record now stands at 379.4 feet

There are many different kinds of world records, some falling into the inane and others regarded as insanely awesome. Back in May 2016, Krishna Kumar set the world record for most hugs in one minute, doling out 79 of those bad boys in 60 seconds. It was impressive, but not as impressive as what Bryce Menzies just accomplished with the help of Red Bull. Menzies, a veteran off-road and rally racer, recently broke the Guinness world record for a vehicle distance jump by leaping 379.4 feet over a ghost town in New Mexico. The jump eclipsed the previous record held by Tanner Foust, who covered 332 feet in a

sponsored jump at the Indianapolis 500 back in 2011.

The jump didn’t take more than a few seconds, but the preparation behind it took over a year. That’s the kind of commitment it takes for the team to build a perfectly modified truck that can handle the conditions of the attempt. Chief among the developments was the truck’s suspension setup and Menzies began testing it with practice jumps four months before the real record-breaking attempt took place.

In the end, all the preparations behind the jump proved to be worth all the trouble. Not only did Menzies beat Foust’s record, but he also owns arguably one of the most dangerous world records attached to vehicles. It may seem easy watching the video, but performing a jump like this is far more dangerous than most people think. In fact, rally driver Guerlain Chicherit attempted a similar jump in 2014 with a Mini Countryman. He ended up crashing in his attempt. Now the bar has been set higher, or in this case, longer. Whoever decides to break Bryce Menzie’s record will have to work hard for it, just as he did when he finally accomplished something he’d been planning for the past three years.

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