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While it’s usually the actors that get the attention and the accolades, folks like you and me tend to see the cars as equally important characters in a TV show. It would appear as though Budget Direct agrees, and as such, the insurance company rendered up 10 posters depicting a selection of four-wheeled stars in their full glory.

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The Stair Car From Arrested Development

Budget Direct Renders 10 Cult Classic TV Show Cars
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When a family falls on hard times, decisions must be made, like whether or not to keep the private jet. Well, as watchers of Arrested Development will recall, the Bluth family decided to ditch the plane, but kept the stair car that went with it. Based on a Ford F350 truck, the stair car was originally used to access the Bluth family’s private jet hatch entrance on the tarmac, but it got a new lease on life as a daily driver after the jet was sold. As such, the stair car became embroiled in a variety of hijinks and shenanigans, from prison breaks to breaking and entering.

The Batmobile

Budget Direct Renders 10 Cult Classic TV Show Cars
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There are few car stars out there as iconic as the Batmobile, and heading the lot is the original model from the ‘60s TV show starring the inimitable Adam West. The first Batmobile started life as the 1955 Ford Futura concept car, then got recruited into crime fighting after builder George Barris was assigned the task of creating an appropriately out-there ride to whisk the Caped Crusader to and fro. The car was built in just three weeks, gaining a restyled front end, a black paint job with orange trim, and oodles of extras. Holy blast from the past!

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The Breaking Bad RV

Budget Direct Renders 10 Cult Classic TV Show Cars
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If your name is Walter White and you’re gearing up to create large quantities of crystal meth, then you’re gonna need the right place to cook it up. That’s where the RV comes in. Say hello to a 1986 Fleetwood Bounder, or, as Jesse Pinkman affectionally nicknamed it, the “Krystal Ship.” Thus, the mobile lab is created, where it provides the space for White and Pinkman’s illicit activities for nearly three seasons - before it’s destroyed, that is.

General Lee From The Dukes of Hazzard

Budget Direct Renders 10 Cult Classic TV Show Cars
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It’s hard to separate the bright-orange General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard TV show. Based on a 1969 Dodge Charger, this slab of ‘Merican iron is usually seen flying through the air in some brazen attempt to escape the authorities. Under the hood is a 440 cubic inch Magnum V-8, which made upwards of 375 horsepower - enough to get it flying, if properly motivated. Funny enough, the show’s producers made more than 300 examples of the General Lee, as the wild aerial stunts usually resulted in the destruction of the car, leading to the use of cheaper vinyl decals over hand-painted graphics.

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The A-Team Van

Budget Direct Renders 10 Cult Classic TV Show Cars
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These days, vans aren’t exactly considered the most exciting vehicles out there, but that wasn’t always the case. Flashback to the ‘80s when The A-Team played on TV sets across the nation, telling the tale of a quartet of ex-special forces soldiers accused of a crime they didn’t commit, whose talents are once again put to work righting wrongs and creating large-scale pyrotechnic displays. Of course, a squad like that needs adequate transportation, and that’s where this 1983 GMC G-15 comes in. Fitted with a variety of equipment and weapons storage, not to mention a big red stripe and a roof spoiler, this thing was made for a quick getaway.

KITT From Knight Rider

Budget Direct Renders 10 Cult Classic TV Show Cars
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Unlike the other entries on this list, KITT is probably the most anthropomorphized of the group. Based on a 1982 Pontiac Trans-Am, KITT is equipped with an artificial intelligence that can converse with the driver, effectively giving the car dialogue in the show and making it even more of a star. KITT can also hit 60 mph in 2 seconds, drive itself, and comes wrapped in a “Molecular Bonded Shell” armor plating that protects it from explosives and ballistic weapons. And, of course, let’s not forget the Turbo Boost function, which could propel KITT and its passenger past the 200-mph mark. The full list of features on this thing is way too long to put here, but all told, KITT brings the goods.

Dennis’ Range Rover From It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Budget Direct Renders 10 Cult Classic TV Show Cars
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Depravity and degeneracy run rampant amongst the gang from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and as you might imagine, all those around them suffer for it - including the cars. That includes this 1993 Range Rover County LWB, the forest green SUV owned by Dennis Reynolds. Not only is the Range Rover involved in several accidents, but Dennis actually drives it into a river in an attempt to prove its worth as an “amphibious exploring vehicle.” Eventually, the Range Rover meets its fate courtesy of an RPG, but considering the hard life it lived, maybe that’s for the best.

The Ford Pinto Runabout From Stranger Things

Budget Direct Renders 10 Cult Classic TV Show Cars
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Stranger Things is definitely one of the most binge-able series on Netflix, and among the many nostalgia-inducing ‘80s-era vehicles, this green 1976 Ford Pinto Runabout seems to stand out. Driven by Joyce Byers, a committed, yet exhausted single mom, this budget-beater is about right for the character, especially when you consider that whole exploding rear-mounted gas tank scandal that hit Ford in the ‘80s. All things considered, it probably saved Byers a few bucks, right?

The Rolls-Royce Phantom III From The Crown

Budget Direct Renders 10 Cult Classic TV Show Cars
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When you’re tasked with moving royalty, then only the best will do. Thus, the 1937 Rolls-Royce Phantom III seems like a perfect choice for The Crown, given its elegance and presence. Sure, it’s pricey, but it isn’t brash or flamboyant about it. No, this vehicle is just right for transport to some high-profile event.

The Chrysler New Yorker From Trailer Park Boys

Budget Direct Renders 10 Cult Classic TV Show Cars
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Also affectionately known as the “Shitmobile,” this 1975 Chrysler New Yorker is a rolling heap of abuse and broken parts. Not only was it frequently crashed in a drunken stupor by Julian’s grandmother, but it’s also frequently at the center of arguments among the main characters. As a result, it’s in a constant state of disrepair, with dented body panels, a missing door, and a transmission that doesn’t work as intended. Of course, Ricky lives in the thing as well, so it’s also cluttered with the usual trash and items you’d expect.

Source: Budget Direct

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