It’s not a secret that Bugatti plans a four-door super sedan and as you might have expected, it will be inspired by the new 16C Galibier Concept. According to AutoCar, the production version of this vehicle will begin in 2013 after the production of the Veyron ends in 2012.

The sedan’s design will be inspired by the Veyron and by the classic Bugatti Type 35. It will be made from a combination of aluminum and carbon fiber to ensure fulfillment of Bugatti’s main target; to develop the lightest car in its class.

Under the hood there will be the same W16 engine as in the Veyron supercar, but the output will only be 800 hp.

The Galibier will be limited to only 300 units and will carry a price tag of £900,000 ($1,350,000 at the current rates).


Source: Autocar

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  (331) posted on 08.31.2012

Hmmm...You can expect a great profit from this car for Bugatti. The news is all over the world now and people are preparing to own that one.

  (512) posted on 03.26.2010

alex_black what the hell are you talking about? It was way more larger and bolder than the panamera. You can never compare a bugatti to a porsche.

  (780) posted on 03.26.2010

Well, I’m pretty sure that the rich people will get themselves one of this million dollar sedan, but I do hope that what happened to most Veyron don’t happen to the sedan lines as well. See, after a while I have noticed that there has been a lot of Veyrons for sale. Those that haven’t acquired that much mileage and hasn’t been driven or damaged just yet and they are sold in a more affordable prize. I don’t know the reasons just yet but I’m pretty sure that there might be some offset for the car. Hope it doesn’t happen to the sedan.

  (939) posted on 03.26.2010

Don’t feel so bad about the current conditions of the vehicle. But I’m completely disgusted with the car.

  (364) posted on 03.25.2010

Looks like it’s body shape and trims are just the same as the Panamera with 800 Horses under the hood, quite amazing isn’t it?

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