Believe it or not, Bugatti’s successor to the vaunted Veyron supercar will be less powerful than its predecessor. That’s the word coming out of the Volkswagen’s exotic auto brand after Bugatti has made it clear that it wants a different direction for the 16C Galibier four-seater sedan: less power, more luxury.

The 16C Galibier, which was made entirely from carbon fiber and aluminum, is expected to go on sale sometime in 2013 where only 300 models will be built. The four-seater sedan will come with the same 8.0-liter W16 engine that powers the Veyron with the big difference being that unlike the latter, which employed turbochargers, the 16C Galibier will ‘only’ come with superchargers that will produce somewhere around 800 horsepower.

We’re not sure how 800 horsepower qualifies as ‘less powerful’, but given that the Veyron was once the fastest production car on the planet, we’re going to take their word for it – ridiculous as it sounds.


Source: Autoweek

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