The exotic Italian automaker Bugatti has been teasing the automotive public for quite some time now with the less than revealing photos of the new four passenger addition to the 250 MPH club, the Bugatti Bordeaux. So, sick of imagining what was occupying that vast amount of negative space, the chaps from Car Magazine had a go at full rendering based on the rear teaser image. Showing off the central mounted high brake light and the eight exhaust tips.

The Bugatti will be unveiled as a concept sometime this year with a production version to follow for the 2011 model year. The same W16 engine that is found in the Veyron will propel the new super sedan. Except that this time the power plant will be mounted ahead of the passengers and will be mated to the same Ricardo-developed seven-speed twin-clutch gearbox. According to Volkswagen AG chairman Martin Winterkorn, with this new model the European automotive conglomerate will experiment with a modular luxury platform meaning that some of the more expensive Bentleys may share the same engineering design, much like the VW/Audi/SEAT setup. However the Bordeaux will have wheelbase much longer than any Bentley.

The future four door takes its inspiration from the Bugatti Type 41 built between 1929-1933. The super luxury car will offer a host of custom coach built options like a XXL wheelbase, full length sunroof or even retro bodywork inspired by the old Royale.


Source: CAR.

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Uncia  (868) posted on 07.31.2009

That light going down the back window is stupid. It hinders your rear visibility and is harder for other cars to see.

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