Prepare to spend a lot more than the supercar’s $2.66 million price tag

The Bugatti Chiron costs $2.66 million, or roughly the equivalent of 11 Lamborghini Huracans. That’s how expensive the Chiron is, even though the price feels a little justified considering that Bugatti doesn’t operate on the same playing field as 95 percent of the auto industry. The Chiron’s price tag isn’t really that shocking, but once you dive into the plethora of optional extras that Bugatti is offering for the supercar, that’s where things get a little crazy.

This video from YouTube channel Let’s Talk About Cars, Yo!” gives us a good idea on what to expect from the added options that Bugatti is offering for future owners of its new, multi-million supercar. Best be warned, though. These figures are not for the weak-of-heart, or in this case, the weak-of-wallet. Take for instance the option to get a paint scheme with exposed carbon fiber on the body. Bugatti has priced that at an incredible €180,000, or close to $203,000. By comparison, that amount is already enough to buy a McLaren 570S and still have change of about $20,000. Even more outrageous is the full exposed carbon fiber body on the Chiron. That kind of option, awesome as it sounds, will set a customer back an insane €255,000, or close to $290,000. That’s enough to buy a Lamborghini Huracan in addition to saving around $50,000. Even seemingly mundane items like carbon mirror caps and a horseshoe paint on the body costs €8,000 and €6,000, or about $9,100 and $6,800, respectively.

These are just on the exterior. The interior of the Chiron also gets it share of notable options, chief among them being the interior carbon pack monotone that’s priced at €50,000, or about $57,000 based on current exchange rates. A sport seat also costs €15,000 ($17,000) while a comfort seat will set you back €25,000 (a little over $28,000).

These modifications aren’t so much a test in finances, as they are an exercise in money management. It’s hard to blame Bugatti though since the company prides itself on being the standard bearer in both luxury and performance. Still, that’s how expensive the Bugatti Chrion is or can be depending on the options that are checked off. Kind of makes it seem like the Huracan is a massive bargain, right?

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Why it matters

I can only assume that Bugatti agreed to price the Chiron’s options like this with the full understanding that the people who do end up buying the $2.66 million supercar won’t have any problems forking over another $400,000 or so for these extras and accessories. Still, it’s incredibly jarring to hear that a paint scheme with exposed carbon fiber on the body costs more than a McLaren 570S. I mean, wow, right? It’s hard to wrap my head around those figures.

It gets even more ridiculous when you think about what those options can add up to. It’s certainly within reason to think that a customer isn’t just going to settle for a carbon fiber paint scheme. So suppose he gets the exposed carbon fiber treatment at $290,000, an interior carbon pack monotone at $57,000, and a comfort seat at about $28,000. That adds up to $375,000 on top of the $2.66 million paid for the actual car, bringing the total cost of the Chiron, options and all, to a staggering $3.035 million.

There aren’t enough exclamation points to hammer home the point on the absurdity of the prices of these added options. Then again, this is Bugatti we’re talking about right here. If it isn’t expensive, then it’s probably not worth its time.

So there you have it, would-be owners of the Bugatti Chiron. You can pay for the car itself and enjoy it in “stock” configuration, or you can pay another $400,000 to give it a really personalized treatment. Not that it matters to us because we’ll never be in that position. But if you have money lying around, why not, right? It’s not like there are better investments to make that a personalized Bugatti Chiron.

Bugatti Chiron

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