Although we’ve already seen spy shots of camouflaged prototypes and we know Bugatti has already presented teasers to those who have already placed an order, the upcoming Chiron supercar is still a mystery as far as its design and drivetrain go. However, with its official debut, rumored to take place at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, closing in, more details about Bugatti’s new hypercar have started to surface.

According to Dutch outlet Autovisie, the French company plans to offer the Chiron in at least one more body style besides the coupe. Unlike the Veyron though, the Chiron will reportedly get a targa version. What’s the difference, you may ask, given that Chiron will still have bodywork behind the seats? Well, it turns out that the supercar will have a bar connecting the windshield to the engine hood for extra structural rigidity at high speeds. Specifically, it will get a retro-style T-top with either one or two removable carbon-fiber panels.

The other big news that comes with the report is that the revised quad-turbo, 8.0-liter W-16 engine, rumored to crank out around 1,500 horsepower, will be able to take the Chiron up to a top speed of 310.7 mph (500 km/h). If this turns out to be true, the new supercar will smash the Veyron’s record by a whopping 43 mph.

Granted, Koenigsegg and Hennessey won’t be happy about it...

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Why it matters

The big news here is obviously the Chiron’s incredible top speed. If this is more than a rumor, Bugatti’s new supercar will not only become the fastest production car by a long shot, abut also the first production vehicle to hit more than 300 mph. This feat will make it even more popular than the Veyron and it won’t take long until all 500 units slated for production (not yet confirmed) will sell out. And that’s regardless of the very expensive sticker, which could be closer to $2 million before options.

As for the targa version, it’s nice to see something new instead of the usual roadster, although due the Chiron’s configuration a roadster would still be similar to a targa. It remains to be seen what the T-top roof will be all about, but it should be interesting. Bugatti is always looking to stand out, especially when building million-dollar cars, and the Chiron will make no exception from that rule.

Bugatti Chiron

2018 Bugatti Chiron Exterior Computer Renderings and Photoshop Exclusive Photos
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Source: Autovisie

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