How’s this for ironic: Bugatti – you know them as the makers of one of the most mouth-watering cars in the world – has tapped the services of Ferrari to help them create one of the most expensive ballpoint pens you can imagine.

Ok, it’s not really what you think it is. While it’s true that Bugatti is set to come out with a pen that’s beyond expensive, it didn’t commission the Prancing Horse to make the pens for them but a company that conveniently goes by the name of Ferrari de Varese.

Designed by Luigi Trenti of the aforementioned Ferrari de Varese, the Bugatti Type A pen is not your ordinary ballpoint that you can just buy at any Barnes and Noble. First of all, it’s crafted from aluminum and plated with the following minerals: nickel, silver, palladium, and platinum. You guys keeping up?

In addition to that, the pen’s nib is made from rhodium-coated 18-karat gold that also comes with a sapphire glass window and a lacquered black embossed Bugatti logo.

With all these jewelry and expensive minerals, you can probably imagine how much this Bugatti pen is going to cost you. Let’s just say that for one of these babies, you can actually buy yourself a decent car. That’s right, folks. You’re going to have to shell out $15,000 just to get your hands on one.


Source: Ferrari da Varese

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  (16) posted on 02.1.2010

You know, what is shown in the picture is a "fountain pen" NOT a ball point pen.

Granted, I do not run in the social circles that can afford 15k$ for a pen, and in all honesty, even if I could afford a 15k$ pen, I hope I’d at least have enough sense and heart to give the money to those who could really, really use it, for such extravagances as food, shelter, health care, education and other non-essentials.

And the base material is aluminum???
A sapphire glass window ... oh that would be aluminum oxide (ignoring the glass part, which is clearly not true) with any impurity except chromium (which would make it ruby). Again, not impressed here.

This is clearly an item for people with more money than brains!!!

  (708) posted on 01.24.2010

can you imagine a $15,000 Pen? how is that is has already the same value of a family car. for me why would you want spent a $15,000 for a pen? though it was made of 18k gold still it’s to expensive.

Uncia  (868) posted on 01.24.2010

Bugatti makes one of the "most mouth-watering cars in the world?" I’m sure. It may be fast and expensive, but the Veyron can’t corner for beans. A twin-turbo Supra or Skyline with 1/3 of the Veyron’s horsepower lap the Nurburgring just as fast, not to mention the fact that the 4.0L VW V8 - of which this car has two - isn’t exactly the most dependable engine around.

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