What is happening now with Bugatti we all know: a number of 50 units of the $1.4 million V-16-powered Veyron were sold in 2006 and another 70 needs to be sold next year. But what is after Veyron, what model will be its succesor. Bugatti hopes to have a decision made by mid-2007.

One thing is for sure: a succesor will be! A high-priced supercar, variant based on the Veyron will be built in near future, but longer-term, the Bugatti’s future will be lower-priced market segment. The model to come will have to compete with the $150,000 GT, built by VW sibling division, Bentley and in the same time won’t be posible to cost more than $300.000 if Bugatti wants profit.

It is very normal (at this price tag for the Veyron) for Bugatti to make a "small, small profit". And that’s just counting the cost of actually building the Veyron. If one added in development costs, acknowledged Bscher, "It would be a big loss."

Source: TheCarConncetion

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