Usually when people talk about the Bugatti Veyron they talk about its impressive top speed. No one ever says anything about its fuel consumption. And for a reason: according to an automotive magazine that tested the supercar, the Veyron has a fuel consumption of 3.0 mpg (78 liter/100 km). Considering it has a full throttle of 100 liters, this means you will be able to enjoy your supercar for 12 minutes and 46 seconds (taking into consideration a top speed of 253 mph). Well, you have to admit these numbers are not something you can brag about. In fact, these numbers further scrunch up the noses of the environmentally-aware all over the world.

So, Bugatti’s decision to build an 800bhp battery-powered supercar is no surprise. According to the British Magazine, Auto Express, the company has a car like that hidden somewhere in their factory. What does come as a surprise in Bugatti’s intention - or lack thereof - for the electric supercar. Turns outs, Bugatti has no intention of ever showing it to the public. In fact, the car was only built to demonstrate the technology and allow engineers to explore the ultimate performance available from electric cars.

The electric supercar is built on the chassis of a Bentley Continental GT and uses an advanced lithium-ion battery pack and two enormously powerful electric motors to get it going. Once the machine has been woken up, it packs a punch that can deliver an amazing 2,200Nm of torque from 0mph.

Why won’t they produce this again? Well, it probably has something to do with the fact that speed and environmental protection don’t typically go hand-in-hand. We think that once the general public has been completely won over by the electric motors that are being introduced to us on a daily basis, Bugatti might have something different to say about producing the electric powerhouse. Only time will tell.


Source: AutoExpress

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  (448) posted on 07.1.2011

Well, I have to agree that the speed performance is quite impressive. And extreme power define the real definition on what’s the definition of supercar!

  (384) posted on 07.1.2011

Oh no! I really don’t want to see an electric version of supercar for I believe that they are unreliable. Bugatti Veyron would be so iconic but I think its successor wouldn’t have a difficult time to boost its power into an impressive one!

  (238) posted on 05.24.2011

Well, I don’t think so.. there are a lot of possible sportscar that can be the successor of this car. However, I do agree that it ha an awesome speed and aggressive look.

  (401) posted on 05.24.2011

what to say..except that this car has an impressive figure performance and sporty look. Well this is the fastest car in the world and I think no one would ever break that record!

  (1332) posted on 05.31.2010

Well this is a much awaited with it’s HP lessen, I bet the GT-R has now a chance of winning on drag race.

  (798) posted on 05.30.2010

How in the world will the bugatti create a super car with 800 break horse power and powered by battery?

  (815) posted on 05.27.2010

huh Electric Powered Bugatti? oh that’s something new,right? I hope it can go further more than the petrol version of the veyron.

  (858) posted on 05.27.2010

It seems that this shock new machine will set to change the way we think about electric vehicles and fortunately we might expect nothing less than a street rocket!

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