It’ll happen at some point in the future; it’s just not a priority now

Bugatti has already indicated that it has no plans to build a roadster version of the Chiron and now it appears that special edition models are also off the table, at least for the time being. According to a report from Autocar, the supercar brand’s production plans won’t include special edition models primarily because of the level of interest people have had for the first 500 production units of the supercar.

More than 200 units of the Chiron are already accounted for and it appears that demand for the supercar hasn’t waned, specifically from individuals who have laid down “expressions of interest” in purchasing the $2.5-million exotic. The company’s focus at this point is to accommodate all the orders for the remaining Chiron units that are available and to see to it that the cars are delivered on time to their prospective owners.

Even though it’s not a priority at this point in time, don’t expect Bugatti to completely close its doors on special edition models. Those unique variants with the one-off color schemes proved to be a big hit for the Bugatti Veyron and they were considered big reasons why the Veyron’s life extended for as long as it did. The one-off units also provided Bugatti’s customers opportunities to own exclusive versions of the Veyron to add to their standard units.

Special edition versions of the Chiron will come at some point; the company’s just not at that stage yet and there’s no need to look too far ahead.

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There’s a lot of things "special" about the Bugatti Chiron

There’s nothing outwardly shocking about this revelation because Bugatti is right in playing down possible special edition models for the Chiron until the time comes when it’s ready to bring these one-offs into production. The automaker made a similar move with the Veyron, even opting to launch the Veyron Grand Sport before launching the Veyron Super Sport, which itself was limited to 30 units. The latter is considered the model that kicked off the special edition run of the Veyron and it wasn’t released until 2010, five years after Bugatti introduced the Veyron.

While I don’t expect Bugatti to strictly follow the exact timetable, I do think that it’s going to hold off on building special edition models until it completes the existing orders it already has for the Chiron. That number is north of 200 at the moment, which would mean that the French automaker will have its hands full for the next couple of years finishing production for these cars and ensuring that their delivery dates are met.

Only when that’s done will I expect Bugatti to start making waves on planned special edition versions of the Chiron. Personally, I don’t know what those models will be, but a similar Super Sport version is one special edition run that I’m confident will arrive, possibly by 2020 or 2021 if Bugatti adheres to a similar timetable as the Veyron Super Sport. The Grand Sport model is a little trickier to predict now given that Bugatti’s sales and marketing boss Dr. Stefan Brungs was recently quoted by Autocar shooting down the possibility that the Chiron will a roadster or convertible variant. That said, I’m not closing the door on the Chiron getting a soft-top version, largely because I can’t see the model being built exclusively in coupe form for the entire duration of its lifespan.

Bugatti Chiron

2018 Bugatti Chiron
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Source: Autocar

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