• Bugatti Just Teased a New Supercar - is it the Galibier or a new SUV?

Is Bugatti preparing a brand-new model or just another Chiron spin-off?

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Bugatti doesn’t release many teasers, but that’s mostly because it doesn’t release many cars either. So when the French company posts a photo of a wrapped-up, shadowy car, it’s a big deal. Bugatti just did that on its Instagram profile, hinting that it may introduce a new supercar really soon. But is it new as in brand-new or just a different version of the current Chiron? Let’s find out.

Enhnaced Bugatti Teaser

Bugatti Just Teased a New Supercar - is it the Galibier or a new SUV?
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Bugatti may be working on a brand-new supercar

This is arguably the most optimistic scenario. And I say optimistic because Bugatti has never sold two different models at the same time since its revival in the 1990s. It was either the EB110, the Veyron, or the Chiron.

This could change soon because there's no mystery that Bugatti wants a two-vehicle lineup. But the big question is, what kind of vehicle will it be?

Recent market trends suggest that Bugatti will enter the SUV segment. It’s a move that would make sense and it would bring some profits to the brand. The Chiron doesn’t do that. Except for the one-off creations, the Chiron actually loses money.

But the height of the front fascia and the shape of the windscreen suggest that we’re not looking at an SUV. Recent reports talk about a grand tourer, one that could even feature an electric drivetrain. However, the Volkswagen Group has yet to approve a new vehicle alongside the Chiron, so it’s unlikely that Bugatti has already built it.

Bugatti may launch yet another Chiron

The Bugatti Chiron Has Officially Broken 300 MPH, But It's Not a Production Model Exterior
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While it would be cool to see an SUV or a sedan with a Bugatti badge, we need to keep our feet on the ground and accept that this is not a possibility right now.

This obviously means that the supercar shown in the teaser is probably a new version of the Chiron.

The teaser photo suggests just that and we can even see the shape of the Chiron’s traditional radiator in the center.

My best guess is that it’s actually the Super Sport 300+ prepared for some sort of public debut. The supercar that hit 300 mph was unveiled back in September 2019, but it was never properly introduced during a public event. But the teaser could also preview yet another limited-edition Chiron. Having already unveiled the Sport, 100 Ans Bugatti, Super Sport, and Centodieci, it could roll out a new variant with slight modifications. Or a vehicle that celebrates a certain event in the company’s past, because Bugatti does this kind of stuff quite often.

Bugatti may preview a new one-off design

Unique Bugatti La Voiture Noire Pays Tribute to the iconic Atlantic in Geneva Exterior
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Remember the La Voiture Noire? Although based on the Chiron, it looks very different. That’s because Bugatti treated this car as a proper coachbuilding project and redesigned every single body panel. A unique project, it was sold for around $12 million to a car collector. Bugatti stressed out that it won’t build a second La Voiture Noire, but also mentioned that more cars like this will follow. Perhaps we’re looking at another unique build with bespoke features inside and out.

Bugatti could introduce a new concept car

2016 Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo High Resolution Exterior
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Bugatti has built five concept cars since 1993 and the most recent creation, the Vision Gran Turismo, dates back to 2015 and it’s based on the Chiron anyway. Before that, Bugatti showed off the 16 Galibier in 2009. The luxury sedan was preceded by the EB 112 (1993), EB118 (1998), and the EB218 (1999). So it’s about time we see a new design study from the French firm. Whether a new sedan or a more aggressive two-door, it should be an impressive sight and give us a glimpse of the company’s future.

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