• Bugatti May Soon Be The Property of Rimac - Here’s What That Would Mean

The electric performance car market could be in for a major shake-up

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The Volkswagen Group could be on the verge of selling Bugatti to Rimac. A report from German weekly Automobilewoche quoted Porsche CEO and Volkswagen AG management board member Oliver Blume hinting that a decision on the blockbuster sale could happen by the middle of 2021.

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Nothing is set in stone, but Blume indicated that there are intense deliberations between Rimac and Bugatti’s parent company, Volkswagen, on how Bugatti could be developed as a brand in the best possible way. Rimac is seen as an ideal suitor because the two brands, according to the Porsche CEO, are “technological fits.”

A partnership between Bugatti and Rimac could pave the way for ground-breaking performance cars down the road.
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Both brands could tap into each other’s strengths to develop combustion-engine-powered supercars and their all-electric counterparts. Bugatti, in particular, stands to gain from the technology that Rimac can provide, allowing the French car brand to go all-in on electrification.

The Croatian electric car manufacturer has been exclusively developing EV platforms and powertrains since it was created in 2009. It’s credited for sourcing its EV platform to other car brands, including Automobili Pininfarina. In addition to the EV platforms and powertrains, Rimac is also regarded as an industry leader in software development, specifically in areas involving systems integrations, connectivity, and self-driving systems.

Bugatti May Soon Be The Property of Rimac - Here's What That Would Mean High Resolution Exterior
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On the other side, Rimac would gain access to Bugatti’s highly advanced production facility in Molsheim, France. A deal with Bugatti would also increase the electric car brand’s profile and credibility by being tied to what is arguably one of the most prestigious car brands in the world.

Porsche could also play a big role in a Rimac-Bugatti marriage. According to a report from Car Magazine last year, Porsche, as part of the deal, would increase its share in the Croatian electric hypercar company from the 15.5 percent stake it has today to as much as 49 percent. This would open the door for the German automaker to have a bigger influence in Rimac moving forward.

Source: Automobilwoche

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