Bugatti Project Lydia a no go

Bugatti Project Lydia a no go
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If you remember, few weeks ago Bugatti was reporting that an even more expensive car than the Veyron is in the works. Back then we believed the company was talking about the Project Lydia - the most powerful and expensive car in the world. But according to MotorTrend, Project Lydia will not happen.

Senior sources within Bugatti parent VW Group have confirmed that an inch-thick dossier on Project Lydia exists, but that the idea was canned last year. It will make no sense for the company to compete with their own models: an even more powerful car will be even more faster than the Veryon!

Instead, the second model Bugatti will be a coupe-like four door with the monster 1001-hp W-16 mounted up front. of course it won’t hit the same 253mph as the Veyron, but considering the twin-turbo W-12 Bentley Continental Flying Spur already nudges 200mph on a clear motorway, at least 220mph would seem a logical target.

Price will be somewhere around $1 million.


Source: Motor Trend Blogs

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  (14) posted on 02.15.2008

...and it looks good enough ti be fast

  (14) posted on 02.15.2008

Build the damn thing and get it over with.....jesus

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