Yesterday, the first teaser image of the future four door Bugatti made its way onto the internet, despite the amount of interest in the upcoming Italian super car there is little known about it aside from being based on the Veyron and sporting an extra pair of openings. Well now at least we know what it will be called, according to the British automotive journal AutoExpress, the car will be called Bordeaux.

Up until now most speculators figured the new Bugatti would be called the Royale, however the more exotic members of the Volkswagen family decided that the name Bordeaux would be more appropriate. The sedan will follow the ever more popular shooting brake layout with a set of striking horse shoe shaped taillights. The Bordeaux will also get a unique split rear window complete with a dramatic raised central brake light and of course the Bugatti badge seal of approval.

Under the engine cover, the Italian super car builder will use the same 8.0 Liter quad turbo W16 engine as the Bordeaux’s bigger brother, the Veyron super car. In shooting brake trim, the power plant will deliver slightly less than the 1001 HP of the Veyron, 987 HP and 922 lb-ft of torque to be exact. The slight decrease in output should be offset by the ability to bring along a few more friends for the ride.


Source: AutoeEpress

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