As you may recall, Bugatti revealed a few teasers a few months ago, which led to a lot of people speculating that it may very well be the Bordeaux, Bugatti’s next-generation supercar that would ultimately follow the Veyron.

Well, now it’s looking like the Bordeaux may not be the only car Bugatti has in store for all of us. According to Bugatti’s head honcho, Dr. Franz-Josef Pfaegen, the British supercar makers have a total of three proposed concept cars, one of which is a concept car that that’s rumoured to be a four-door salon that the company plans to debut in September to gauge any form of interest from would-be customers.

Dr. Pfaegen was also quick to point out that any future models the company is planning to roll out would still cater to the same market as the Veyron, saying that the company was designed and developed for a total volume of not more than 150 units, ensuring it’s exclusivity in an ever-increasing market of supercars in the world. “The worst thing we could do is to downmarket,” Pfaeger told Autocar. “We need to keep it as the ultimate.”

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As far as the rumoured Bordeaux is concerned, Pfaeger stopped short of saying that it’s going to be one of the three concept cars the company plans to unveil soon.

This whole scenario has us spinning our heads, partly in anticipation of this monumental announcement and partly because, quite frankly, the intrigue behind the Veyron’s successor – whether it really is the Bordeaux or a completely different model - just got a lot more interesting.

Source: Autocar UK

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