Is Bugatti finally making a track-ready supercar?

Back in July 2018, Bugatti announced it’s about to launch a "strictly limited model" called the Divo and released a few teaser shots. Naturally, we thought that it would be a special-edition version of the Chiron, but the latest teaser confirms that it’s more than that.

Posted by Bugatti on Friday, August 17, 2018

Described as a lighter and agiler vehicle, the Divo is named after Albert Divo, a French racing driver who won the Targa Florio race for Bugatti twice in the late 1920s. We’ve seen Bugattis sporting names of famous drivers before, but this time around it seems we’re getting an actual track-ready vehicle. The latest teaser shows the car wrapped in a veil, but it’s enough to notice the aggressive aero package.

Seemingly inspired by the Vision Gran Turismo concept, aerodynamic add-ons include a large rear wing, a vertical fin on the engine hood, and a winglet ahead of the rear wheel. More importantly, the C-shaped center section of Chiron’s profile was heavily revised and no longer incorporates the door.

Well, it turns out Bugatti wasn’t kidding when it said it’s reviving its coachbuilding tradition with the Divo. Sure, it will still carry many of the Chiron’s design cues, but it won’t be just a simple limited-edition with a fancier interior. That’s good news considering it costs nearly $6 million.

We will find out more about the Divo in a few days, so make sure you stick around for details.


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