We know that everyones dream is to have a "little" Veyron in his or her garadge. But at the Veyron’s price that might remain a dream for long while.

And if you thought that this will be the only thing you can’t afford it, then you are wrong. Bugatti is going to build another supercar, and even if there are no info about the price we can quess that the price will make the car untouchable.

The convertible version of the Veyron will be limited at 220 mph.

What do you think?
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  (1) posted on 12.6.2006

hey, is it true that someone from bugatti started to produce a supplement for men with
the similar name Veyron-S, look at this www.veyron-s.com ,
I can’t believe they do like this,,,does anyone know ????

  (6023) posted on 11.7.2006

WOH! Thats cOOl.

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