About a future 2+2 model from Bugatti there are already lots of rumors. And with all those rumors around it was normal for designers to gave their own point of view of how the car might look like. Today’s preview comes from 31-year-old freelance designer Reuben Zammit from Malta.

The 2+2 seater will be a strong competitor for model like Ferrari 612 Scaglietti.

Bugatti Type 12-2 Streamliner
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The aim was to get the type 12-2 immediately recognizable, yet make a signature of it’s own for a specific marquee. A classic front engine rear wheel drive layout. The shape allows for a boot bigger than its rivals, yet keeping the lines flowing. The doors take a large part of the side and the roof for easier access.

The idea is to use a VW derived W12 engine with a twin turbo layout hence the name 12-2. Although not as extravagant as the W16 used in the Veyron, there would be enough power to propel the Type 12-2 to over 200 mph.


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  (6023) posted on 03.12.2008

if its better than the veyron EVERYONE is gonna b pleased, good news

  (6023) posted on 03.10.2008

it kind of looks like a 612 scaglietti if u ask me but in its own way it looks pretty cool

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